Return mini fast credits in advance? You just have to ask

When we think about the fast mini credit sector, we usually keep in mind that the people who ask for them are in serious economic situations. However, this is nothing more than a preconceived idea that does not have much to do with reality. These types of loans are also requested by people who simply need quick money, but who in principle have no problems returning it. For this reason, among other things, the lenders offer the possibility of repaying the credit in advance, since many people prefer to get rid of the debt quickly.

Do you know how to repay your fast mini credit to your needs?

Many people who ask for mini credit instantly need the money urgently because they have come up with an unforeseen economic event that they have to cover and they do not have enough liquidity at the moment. These individuals consider that this option is a very fast and efficient solution, especially if we do not have a credit card, because it would take longer to get a plastic than to receive the money requested with the fast mini credit.

The speed also affects the reimbursement period, because when we ask for fast mini credits, the term is a maximum of 30 days and must be paid in a single installment. However, the private equity companies that offer these products give the possibility to those who have specific financial setbacks but who usually have a good financial situation, to disburse the capital plus the interests of the online mini-loans in different terms. This client profile can probably get the money to repay the quick mini-credits in advance, which is an advantage, as this option helps to lower the amortization of the credit.

Amortization free of charge and in different terms

Although this option is usually offered, not all lenders give it for free. However, some of those that do allow us to accept this possibility for free and in different terms is Kredito24. With this company, we can choose to return the fast mini credit from 7 days to 30 days.

Is it always free to change the payment date of the mini-credits instantly?

An early repayment is an option offered by private equity companies, but not all of them give us the possibility to do it for free. Some lenders charge us a commission of 0.50% because it is the maximum that the law allows being charged for the early repayment. Law 16/2011 of consumer credit agreements in its article 30 marks the limits to this commission. Entities can not charge more than 1% of the amount reimbursed when the period between the early amortization and the expiration of the contract is greater than one year. In the event that the period is less than that time, the commission cannot be higher than 0.5% of the amount reimbursed in advance.

Therefore, as we have seen, changing the date of payment to pay the money in advance is a good option especially if we have used a mini-credit company that gives the possibility of repaying the credit in advance and free of charge.

Do we have the right to cancel the quick mini loan?

Another option that we can take if we do not want to continue with the loan contract is the right of withdrawal. This must be communicated to the lender and is only possible if we are still within 14 calendar days from the date we signed the contract. With this possibility we will only have to pay the accrued interest to date, that is, if 10 days have passed, we will have to pay the generated credit fees in those 10 days and the borrowed money. If we have paid our salary previously and we want to reimburse the credit in advance, but they will make us pay the early amortization, we could cancel the contract.